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Carlito's Polo, White Waltham

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Identity  /  Website Design  /  Branding​

My help was enlisted for the rebrand of Carlito's Polo, White Waltham. Set in the heart of the idyllic countryside of the Royal County of Berkshire, Carlito's is a family run polo club that has been a thriving for over two decades. Carlito's offers weekly polo chukkas, tournaments, polo training, as well as livery services. With a new logo, brand identity, and website, this was an opportunity to update the look and feel of this modern business while paying tribute to the tradition and heritage of both the club and of polo itself, which is one of the oldest team sports in the world. 

I drew inspiration from the colours of the Argentinian flag, the home nation of the founder of the club, and a culture that has many ties to the club's staff and to the sport in general. The sun motif at the centre of their new logo was directly drawn from the flag of Argentina, and the crossed polo clubs are accented by swings reflecting the blue found on the flag itself, while also drawing on the swinging motion of the stick when hitting a shot. These colours can be found throughout the website to catch the eye and maintain a clear and direct brand identity across the club's online presence. 

The new website looks cleaner and modernised, creating custom page layouts that highlighted important information, attractive high-quality visuals, and encouraged further reading, with the ambition of bringing more potential players and spectators to Carlito's Polo Club.

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