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Felix and Friends

Organic  /  Engaging  /  Calming

Packaging  /  Illustration  /  Branding  /  Research

The brief was to create a brand identity for a new range of granola. Felix and Friends is a granola brand specifically designed and created for children. The idea was to create an engaging and organic woodland world for children to immerse themselves in whilst they start the day with breakfast. A series of woodland animal characters were created to make a story for this brand. These brand representatives are warm and inviting for children and parents to enjoy their stories and adventures, as well as providing a sustaining, healthy and nutritious breakfast alternative for children.

It was important the brand identity reflected an organic feel, so muted colours were chosen to keep the brand close to nature. A window was put into the design so consumers could view the product rather than via an artificial picture. The boxes are made from recycled card and the rough texture of the card is visible, to make the product feel organic and natural. Leaves were chosen as a repeat motif, to draw into the feeling of being in nature and as an iconic part of the Felix and Friends branding. Each flavour has a specific character and colour, to create a sense of story-telling and collectability.

Each box of Felix and Friends granola has inside a story for children to read, with stories changing on a monthly basis. These short stories can be read by children whilst having their breakfast, to encourage reading and creativity. Each box of granola has a different character that can be cut out and made into a puppet with. These puppets can be used to recreate the story found in each box. Each character has a unique and engaging story that encourages a collectibility of the brand, so children are encouraged to try the different flavours so they can collect all the stories and character cut out puppets.

With its cute and welcoming characters, Felix and Friends' story telling was furthered by taking a granola brand and developing it into a children's brand that could expand from  clothing, toys, decorations to school equipment.

The brand's collectibility allowed room for further development.

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