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Fuzzy London

Bright  /  Unique  /  Distinctive

Identity  /  Photography  /  Branding  /  Website Design / eCommerce

Fuzzy London is an independent apparel accessories label, founded in 2017 and based in London. From festival wear to event wear, Fuzzy London provides its customers with the brightest and boldest ready to wear and custom made accessories. The label's colourful and bold brand identity reflects the company's strong ethos of self expression. Their unique and individually handmade products in the UK  have been seen in various editorial publications, and on E4's 'Made in Chelsea'.

It was important that the brand's colourful identity was reflected in the photography, whilst remaining simple and luxurious. The products were all shot on a blank white background to elucidate the colourful, eye catching and unique products. Setting shots were taken in London to keep with the label's identity. The website reflects the products, with a B/W theme with the only colour present in the actual product shots and photography. 

My role at Fuzzy London involved all creative direction, from product design to photographic direction. I oversaw all creative shoots at Fuzzy London and worked with a number of social media influencers for these shoots. I worked closely with photographers to ensure the creative vision was met. I oversaw all aspects of business, from finances, product production, customer relations, e-commerce to the growing of the business organically. Social media posts were achieving up to six-hundred 'likes' and social media engagement was substantial. I also worked with magazine editors, who used Fuzzy London products for their fashion shoots, which can be seen below.

Fuzzy London featured in Drama Magazine's 'Lost in the Andres' fashion shoot.

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