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Paint Box

Joyful  /  Colourful  /  Messy

Packaging  /  Illustration  /  Branding 

The brief was to create a brand identity for a monthly art subscription box. Each month the 'Paint Box' provides subscribers with a unique art box that fits perfectly through a letter box. Each monthly box includes different art materials and instructions on how to use them, as well as an example to follow. Every box includes specifically branded 'Paint Box' materials. As well as art materials and supplies, with every box is a collectable history of art card with a famous artwork on and facts. A different collectable card is sent every month.

The brand's identity was to be fun, quirky, and bold. The 'Paint Box's aim is to bring joy and fun to those who subscribe, therefore the brand identity and image had to portray this ethos. The coloured blobs that surround the logo was to reflect the creative and messy process of creating art, while being approachable without being too serious. That art and creativity can be for everyone, and is something to be simply enjoyed without pressure or limitations.

The design and branding was created using procreate and photoshop. This brief tested my product and brand design, so I wanted to create a product with a luxurious feel, whilst almost maintaining the fun and quirky ethos of the brand. The uniformity of the design helped created a high finish feel to the product whilst being instantly recognisable as a product of 'Paint Box'.

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