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The Aesthetic of Music

Geometric  /  Monochrome  / Bold

Editorial  /  Layout  /  Spread Design

The brief was to create an article spread for a magazine entitled 'The Aesthetics of Music'. The article was based on Punk music and culture, with the heading 'The Filth and The Fury'. Using Adobe Indesign and Adobe Photoshop I created three double page spreads for the article, as well as a front cover for the magazine. It was important for the spreads to be aesthetically related to Punk music and culture without being overtly obviously 'Punk'. The monochrome and bold design created a sense of continuation throughout the spreads, as well as an instantly recognisable design layout.

The use of B/W imagery kept to the aesthetic of Punk culture being monochrome and striped back to grey scale. The broken and fractured imagery also tied into this idea of Punk music and culture being 'against the norm' and breaking from tradition. The use of bright yellow to accent the monochrome was kept within the text to highlight the important features of the article.

The magazine cover was to contrast the article, having its own unique design identity. The type face and way the type follows the front picture was to tie in with the article design, without being too similar. The pink was chosen to contrast the background and fit with the choice of image. 

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