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The Stem Bar

Organic  /  Sustainable  /  Calming

Packaging  /  Illustration  /  Branding  /  Research​

The brief was to create a brand identity for a flower subscription service The Stem Bar is a sustainable flower subscription service who's mission is to provide their customers with affordable yet luxurious bouquets and other floral goods, whilst remaining environmentally friendly.



The brand's colour scheme is inspired by nature, in particular lavender, to create a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere. The colour scheme is also not impeded by printing on recyclable and biodegradable kraft paper, which was important to the sustainability of the brand and their ethos. The website was to remain clean and simple to use, focusing very much on the products themselves rather than superfluous graphics, further demonstrating the brand's simplicity and sustainability.

With plantable seeded tags, each order's tag can be planted to grow wildflowers, thus making each order individual and unique while maintaining strong brand identity. Each bouquet is also individually wrapped in recycled and bio-degradable tissue paper, making the Stem Bar the perfect sustainable flower subscription service.

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