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Vancouver Infinity

Nostalgic  /  Adventurous  /  Vintage

Identity  /  Branding  /  Illustration  /  Research​

The brief was to develop a new brand identity for the H.R. Macmillan Space Centre in Vancouver. The purpose of the rebrand was to raise visitor numbers and create an instantly recognisable brand identity.​Vancouver Infinity was chosen to create a sense of wonder and endlessness - that you can never visit the Space Centre enough, and that education and accessibility is for everyone, that the space is inviting and nostalgic for those that visit.

Nine unique posters were designed for Vancouver Infinity, each design being inspired by nostalgic 1960's depiction of space. The first three posters are of the space - time vortex at different stages. These three posters are displayed as a set to demonstrate movement and continuity though they are static images.

The concept was then developed into six more posters that reflected the same essence of the first three designs. Each poster and design adhered to the same colour scheme as the first three designs but differentiated by the use of one theme colour throughout the rest of the designs.

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